Fuddruckers and Blockbuster Haunting in Modesto

Posted on February 3, 2010 by May.
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A frequently popular attraction for visitors to many cities is a thrilling and or suspenseful and sometimes even frightening tour of the most haunted locations associated with a particular town or region. This is definitely the case of Modesto, California, which has its fair share of allegedly haunted locations. Many of the local residents are familiar with some of the more popular spirit populated establishments and stories of hauntings fill the imagination of children and adults alike. Information on possible hauntings and other city attractions is frequently available at the front desks of hotels. Meanwhile some people prefer to gain their knowledge through local bartenders, food servers and other individuals who are likely familiar with such situations. For living humans accommodation information can be found here while information on ghostly activities is available in numerous places.

One of the important aspects of ghost hunting in any city is to remember that many of the allegedly haunted locations are frequently privately owned establishments and sometimes houses and it should always be accepted that correct permission is granted before touring any location. Public places are generally okay and as their status implies open for public visitation. Taking part in an official ghost tour is one of the safest and surest ways of guaranteeing you are not trespassing on private property or restricted areas.

With this in mind, one of the public locations that is believed to be haunted is a Fuddruckers Restaurant, which exits at the same location of a former Blockbuster Video store. The Blockbuster was well known as being haunted and many of its employees testified having seen the entity. The staff of Fuddruckers have reported strange experiences though many of the stories associated with the location occurred at the Blockbuster, which was only demolished a couple of years ago and replaced by the restaurant. The staff at the Blockbuster reported hearing voices on the store sound system and movie cover boxes being thrown on the floor and then appearing in neatly piled stacks on the middle of the floor. It would also open and close the bathroom door and turn on and off lights.

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Comment on March 24th, 2010.

I am the manager at this Fuddruckers. I have worked many hours late in to the night by myself. I have never seen or heard anything that resembles a ghost. I have been asked many times if the place is haunted and I can tell with 100% cofidence NO it is not haunted. Sorry to ruin your blog.

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